Can Biblical Names Really Biblify the Society:

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Biblical meaning of names in the Bible of different persons or other nouns that can serve as names for humans. These names are considered to be the ‘Holy’ one having a great sacred influence on the personality and fate of Christian babies, throughout the globe. But, can this approach justify the state of moral and financial affairs in today’s Europe? Let’s be realistic for few moments and try to explore the mentality of general Christian masses.
We all know the importance of ‘Christianity and Bible’ in Today’s Christian society. Marriages, funerals, Easters and such other most important events give ‘Bibles’ the opportunity to be seen and sung in Choruses. Not more than that. So, this is the extent of the ridiculous thinking of general Christian minds. They follow Bible only when looking for Biblical meaning of names. It’s far better to regard Bible as a “name book” in today’s society. However, Biblical and spiritual meanings of names have other side of picture also.
The other side of looking for Biblical names for new born is bright. This wish invites many to explore Bible. Many people just started reading Bible more meaningfully after looking for Biblical meaning of names for their children. This trend might be a good attracting agent for smart Fathers and religious organizations, promoting and teaching Bible. In the disguise of explaining Biblical meanings of names, they can attract a very large number of Christians and followers of other religions to Churches and other such places.
Biblical meanings of names have their significance but, they can’t assure the society what they mean. Just giving one’s children does not fulfill the responsibility of parenthood and moral training of one’s children. I hope that the society producing leading intellectuals and technology will soon give this topic the due importance. Find out more about meanings of names at


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