Funny Windows 7 Wallpapers

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Whats so funny about windows7wallpapers? As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, similarly one has to see to understand what is so funny in wallpapers prepared for windows 7. With the use of sophisticated vector graphics and new cool wallpaper effects and settings offered by windows 7, the experience of having your own personalised windows 7 wallpaper has hit new heights.
Simply said these are graphic images often prepared and deliberately photoshoped to a desirable theme. However, some funny wallpapers are just prepared through stroke of luck by a right photograph snapped at just the right angle and just the right moment to give you the funny wallpaper effect. Windows7wallpaper or plainly referred to sometimes simply as 7wallapapers has the most unique collection for your using experience.
Psychological patterns studied and applied, people want to be humoured most of the times. They want some place or some time where they can escape from the hardships of the world and slip into someplace where they can laugh and feel light headed. For years basing on the same concept cartoons, comedy movies and slapstick comedy talk shows have taken the larger share of air time on our TV sets. For this very reason cable TV and satellite channels have become a thriving industry. All latest popular talk shows also include a bit of humour even if it is a serious program, in order to cut the monotony.
Due to this very appeal windows has brought you a large collection of free windows 7wallpapers, so you can enjoy the same feeling from the comfort of your own home, office and transport. Women acting stupidly, kids messing with animals, your favourite science concepts being proven wrong and notorious and dastardly personalities humiliated through photoshoping them or through their cartoon caricatures are all different type of techniques utilized by windows in preparing their wallpaper for the ultimate funny wallpaper experience.
Creating funny wallpapers for windows 7 is a big franchise in itself. These are the times when people are often frustrated; constantly running short of time; bullied at the office or even just plain silly bored with what they are doing in life. Windows 7 has come up to solve all these and a host of many problems with designing and preparing the most desirable funny wallpapers that one can imagine. Microsoft erroneously considered quite a few of the times sceptically as the controversial leader in IT and PC world, has once again provided a solution; this time to the sulking problems of most users of cyberspace as well as a standalone home PC system.

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